About us

Makon Store started to produce children’s shoes under the Dumini brand in 1999, and after 2012, it became a company that supplies women’s shoes with the Makon Store brand. Makon Store produces wholesale women’s shoes, women’s sandals, women’s boots, women’s boots and women’s slippers. It also supplies wholesale men’s shoes, wholesale men’s classic shoes, wholesale men’s sports shoes, wholesale men’s boots, wholesale men’s sandals, wholesale men’s slippers. The artificial leather and leather shoes we supply are produced with high quality and maintain their standards. Our company performs the quality control of the orders you have given and follows them up to the shipping process. After subscribing to our website’s newsletter, you can be informed about all new models and at the same time, you can receive e-mails about discounts and campaigns. At the same time, our company is able to produce with its customers’ own brands.

Product standards

Every season, new shoe outsoles, new materials and new models are produced in accordance with fashion. Our customers order from our latest models in our catalogues, and our customers can have special models designed and order special designs for them.

Material quality

The material quality and standards of the products we produce and supply are very important. That’s why we pay attention to the quality of the materials we use and the reliability of our material suppliers. We can diversify the upper materials of the shoes we produce as high quality artificial leather or leather. We can diversify the outsole of the shoes as Thermo, Eva, Neolite or Poly. Our materials consist of raw materials that do not contain any carcinogenic substances. Quality materials create quality products.

Customer relationship

You can send us an e-mail via our e-mail addresses on our website. We will inform you at every stage of the products you ordered, and we will also send you photos of your products at every stage of the products you ordered. Photos of your wholesale women’s shoes and wholesale men’s shoes will be sent to you at any time.